A Pair of 128-12’s

This is a pair of 128-12 knives showing two types of Japanese hamon work. The knife on the left is a type of gunome, the knife on the right is a type of hitasura hamon, which means fully hardened. Both knives are available to purchase with out without scales, different types of handle material are […]

128-12 hitasura hamon

This is a 128-12 with hitasura hamon created with local clay, local river iron and carbonized oak bark for the hardening coating plus other secret ingredients. Steel is AISI 1075, this blade is an art blade but still a very functional piece. This was “interesting” to harden because the extra carbon in the clay came from […]

Cymbal Tensioned Blades

These two blades are tensioned as Cymbals and have a unique sound. Suitable for ethnic or tribal dance or use in the yard. It was an experiment in blade tensioning that worked pretty well. Handles can be wrapped with cordage or wood scales (grips) provided. It’s a bit unusual but scythes and similar tools and blades […]

Collins Tool

There is a wealth of information on the internet about old tools this is the start of a section about the Collins Tool Company or Collins and Co. This is a copy of the corporate memorandums (or letters) from 1826-1867 in a pdf format: samcollins

Impulse Momentum Transfer

I borrowed a equation to calculate how much impact a tool of any kind has to try and figure out how strong to make a blade to trim some really tall hedges, similar to a California Pepper Tree, but in a hedge form. The results were interesting from a strength of materials standpoint.  If the math […]

GTK Small Chef’s Knife

Based on years of use and similar to a foreign line of knives that I like, this is my design of a small chopping kitchen knife. Made of 1075 carbon steel with a rockwell of approximately 48-52 it fit’s in the hand and is a great knife for slicing tomatoes and small dicing tasks. More […]