GTK 128-23 and 128-12

Just a prototype working version of a 128-23 and a 128-12 blade only, scale material is paper micarta, or phenolic  resin and paper its probably as close as you can get to the old style collins black scales. Scales are bolted on with NAS stainless bolts, silver plated NAS reduced head nuts and NAS stainless washers. […]

My first GTK 128-22 with hamon

It ended up being a flip flop hamon or temper line because I discovered after several attempts that in order to harden these thin blades in a Japanese style you had to harden the spine also. Cupping and warping was a problem at first:

Photos showing Static Axis of Rotation SAR

This photo shows how the grip angle compared to the blade either sweeps back or sweeps forward. What I call S.A.R. The more forward the sweep the faster the acceleration in the machete swing i.e., the quicker you can get the thing moving. With a wrist flick. These blades all vary between 375 and 750 grams […]