Photos showing Static Axis of Rotation SAR

This photo shows how the grip angle compared to the blade either sweeps back or sweeps forward. What I call S.A.R. The more forward the sweep the faster the acceleration in the machete swing i.e., the quicker you can get the thing moving. With a wrist flick. These blades all vary between 375 and 750 grams […]

Various Collins Machetes

See attached In order from bottom to top are: Collins 128 Guatemala Collins 128 USA circa 1940’s Collins 128 with concealed tang circa 1920-1930 Collins MKII lightweight guatemala circa 1965 one of the last originals Collins USN MKII 1945 stamp Collins MKII could be WWII but it is a Colombian blade, has period sheath. GTK […]

Collins 128 Guatemala compared to a similar sized Dha

The attached drawing shows a large Dha compared to a reshaped Collins 128 Guatemala circa 1960-1965. I decided to recut the collins spine and angle the blade into a more forward sweep. The machete is designed to cut and slice brush and saplings not as a weapon and is used mainly as an agricultural implement although […]

Tracing of a 20″ Dha

The attached photos and drawing is a tracing of a 20″ (19.75 actual) burmese dha. These are a similar type of general purpose implements to machetes but are usually much lighter in weight. I could go on at length about this subject because I was trying to figure out how to get the maximum rotational speed in […]