Your Fearless Leader in The Trees

Your Fearless Leader in The Trees [It’s Called Humor]     Come take a look at who I rep sometimes: “Apparently I am a Smooth Sales Person” lol Video TK Later VIDEO! -G

Olá! Tenho um machete Collins & Co Hartford Legitimus No 128 que encontrei na cave da antiga casa dos meus avós, quando a estava a limpar para depois ser vendida. Tenho a certeza que o machete já lá estava há muitas décadas esquecido, pois eu próprio frequentei a casa com muita regularidade durante uns bons […]

Solstice Blade 1 Micron Hamon Development

Solstice Blade 1 Micron Alumina Hamon Development It’s coming out with a nice center line in it. Not as many spooky looking ghosts but there are some still in there.     It’s very similar to Aerospace Metallography polishing. The spread and the smoky appearance of the hamon in such a thin section 4mm to […]

The Machete Help Post

The Machete Help Post Hello All and Welcome Upon request it’s time to create a post for people who submit pictures and request information about their finds so here is post #1: From Can you help me identify this machete? It’s a panga style collins later model,.. OK to post pics on website so others […]

For Lebanon

For Lebanon: In sadness for Lebanon we present a split cone — A California pine, not a أرز لبناني‎ Cedrus Libani. The reference is to lives split in two,.. #Sadness #Lebanon #Split in #Cedrus #Libani #Sadness #Lebanon #Split in #Cedrus #Libani