The Machete Help Post

The Machete Help Post Hello All and Welcome Upon request it’s time to create a post for people who submit pictures and request information about their finds so here is post #1: From Can you help me identify this machete? It’s a panga style collins later model,.. OK to post pics on website so others […]

Tale of two tanto’s post 13

Tale of two tanto’s post 13: Yake Ire blade two, clay oil and the hamon Hardening the second tanto: Love is #1 Clay bit hard into blade in oil quench. there were a few small (a few thou thick) surface “marks” Did not crack. Clay held with the magic dust and original ingredients. Local clay, […]

New Kitchen Knife Design

A new forged 1075 kitchen knife still in polish stage and a quick W1 weeding knife. You can see the sugha hamon at 80 grit before tempering.  Weeding knife is done with wet Rutland 2700 degree furnace cement straight into the forge 10 min soak at temperature, interrupted quench 3 seconds in 3 seconds out then […]