Solstice Blade 1 Micron Hamon Development

Solstice Blade 1 Micron Alumina Hamon Development It’s coming out with a nice center line in it. Not as many spooky looking ghosts but there are some still in there.     It’s very similar to Aerospace Metallography polishing. The spread and the smoky appearance of the hamon in such a thin section 4mm to […]

Tale of two tanto’s post 12

The Magic Dust used for the clay coated, oil hardened 1075 tanto blade. On my YouTube suggestions the next video up is this one: Which makes you think about it a bit. I realize I am not Japanese AND My favorite Hamon Video Disappeared,.. Pavel Bolf [you maniac <–it’s a good thing]  

Tale of two tantos post 6

Apologies for the I love the uphill neighbors gesture in one video. Their houses are above mine and as I am a semi-famous person around here They harass me from above and it goes into the shop fan. When you are on the grinder and someone uses your name it can break your concentration and […]