Olá! Tenho um machete Collins & Co Hartford Legitimus No 128 que encontrei na cave da antiga casa dos meus avós, quando a estava a limpar para depois ser vendida. Tenho a certeza que o machete já lá estava há muitas décadas esquecido, pois eu próprio frequentei a casa com muita regularidade durante uns bons […]

For Lebanon

For Lebanon: In sadness for Lebanon we present a split cone — A California pine, not a أرز لبناني‎ Cedrus Libani. The reference is to lives split in two,.. #Sadness #Lebanon #Split in #Cedrus #Libani https://news.sky.com/story/beirut-explosion-before-and-after-pictures-show-scale-of-damage-to-city-12043030 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Auq9mYxFEE   https://www.pinterest.com/rickhudson9277/cedars-of-lebanon/ #Sadness #Lebanon #Split in #Cedrus #Libani  

Various Collins Machetes

See attached In order from bottom to top are: Collins 128 Guatemala Collins 128 USA circa 1940’s Collins 128 with concealed tang circa 1920-1930 Collins MKII lightweight guatemala circa 1965 one of the last originals Collins USN MKII 1945 stamp Collins MKII could be WWII but it is a Colombian blade, has period sheath. GTK […]

Collins 128 Guatemala compared to a similar sized Dha

The attached drawing shows a large Dha compared to a reshaped Collins 128 Guatemala circa 1960-1965. I decided to recut the collins spine and angle the blade into a more forward sweep. The machete is designed to cut and slice brush and saplings not as a weapon and is used mainly as an agricultural implement although […]

Collins Tool

There is a wealth of information on the internet about old tools this is the start of a section about the Collins Tool Company or Collins and Co. This is a copy of the corporate memorandums (or letters) from 1826-1867 in a pdf format: samcollins