Collins 128 Guatemala compared to a similar sized Dha

The attached drawing shows a large Dha compared to a reshaped Collins 128 Guatemala circa 1960-1965. I decided to recut the collins spine and angle the blade into a more forward sweep. The machete is designed to cut and slice brush and saplings not as a weapon and is used mainly as an agricultural implement although there is some historical evidence that it was used as a “type of sidearm” in South America.

So here it is, the start of my oddesey to create something that would
“tameshigiri in my garden”. The machete swing is a pivoting action with three separate motions similar to a tennis/badminton swing or close to a fishing cast as a friend described it. This provides great speed in the swing to overcome light plant matters inherently flexible nature. When you do it right,.. you only clench the grip right at the point of impact and then follow through but I digress. If you have a 128 Collins you can see how this is very different from a normal one. I eventually ended up with the balance point at around 3.75″ from the hilt which is great for this single handed use. I call it a drop belly cranked handle 128.

See attached:
If you want the pattern file please post a comment.




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  1. What’s up, just planned to say, I loved this post.
    It was actually practical. Continue posting!

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