Cymbal Tensioned Blades

These two blades are tensioned as Cymbals and have a unique sound.┬áSuitable for ethnic or tribal dance or use in the yard. It was an experiment in blade tensioning that worked pretty well. Handles can be wrapped with cordage or wood scales (grips) provided. It’s a bit unusual but scythes and similar tools and blades have been hammered similar to this for centuries.


The long explanation is as follows:
I have often talked about blade harmonics with people on the net as part of my investigation of Ethnographic Arms and Armor so I recorded one today. This is a USN MK mini or miniature that was tensioned like the older Swiss and American Scythes The natural harmonic choke point is where the horizontal triangle is pointing. The blade was hung from the first rivet hole. You want the vibrations to dampen off in the handle and a section reduction or a choil in that area helps out a bit,..



3 thoughts on “Cymbal Tensioned Blades

  1. I made a bet with a buddy in the USMC 43 years ago I could have the machete if I cut his dock in half 3 hr later I won and have used this ever since and it has this sound that I always loved I don’t know how old it is when I got it from him but I just noticed the handle has a crack if I sent you a picture could you help me find out if u still make this one or replace the handle but either way I would like a new one that is similar to pass on to my sons.
    the blade has Collins Guatemala stamped on it by the handle
    Thank You
    John L. Karras

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