Did you know?

Did you know?

Collins Machete’s were hand forged and ground up until somewhere around the 1950’s?

1960's Collins 128 with White Label and Blanchard machine ground blade

1960’s Collins 128 with White Label and Blanchard Machine Ground Blade. Thermoplastic grip, 1075 carbon spring steel strip.


1965 Collins Guatemala "Machine Made" showing butt of grip

1965 Collins Guatemala “Machine Made” showing butt of thermoplastic grip 1075 or 1080 spring steel strip.


Hand Forged Collins Steel Blade with “Phenolic Handle”


Hand Forged Blade with "Phenolic Handle" finger side

Hand Forged Blade with “Phenolic Handle” finger side


Three Collins 128 Hand Forged Machetes showing differences in pattern due to smiths. The two outer blades are museum grade the center blade is not but feels the best due to weighting and SAR sweep.



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