New GTK 128-12

Here is a new work in progress a GTK 128-12:

IMG_2690Length overall is 18″ with a cutting edge of 11.5 inches.
This is the second temper to 400 degrees and the first straightening pass; the first temper was to 350 for 4 hrs without the iron platens. (just like they used to do with the original Collins machetes minus the lead hardening)

Water hardened with a  custom refractory clay mix over the entire blade with two thicknesses of clay applied in a double sugha’a hamon. The edges were treated with a top coat of finely ground Live Oak Canyon oak tree bark carbon and iron sand from our ravine at the wishing oaks park (shhh,.. that’s its secret name) (1)



Water temp was 120 degrees and this is a half moon blade. The forge was purified with the spirit of the oaks and it smelled nice when doing the yake ire. The oak bark carbon and the river sand coalesced into raindrops along the edge for the ashi. Yes it was done right before midnight 01-17-17. 🙂 I try I really do.
Music was: Within Temptation:  The Black Symphony

Technically some sword/blade smiths do perform things a little ritualistically so gimme a break on the I AM NEVER GOING TO BUY ONE BECAUSE IT’S SATANIC CRAP! It’s just tradition to know the time, date, and place. I add the music part too!

I am currently trying to get a diagonal warp out of the blade in the temper. I had the thing straight but the thinnest part of the edge is .045″ so after planishing it out before yake ire it popped right back in again. 🙁 Not a problem I will leave whatever remains in after the second or third go round with the iron platens. This is the thinnest one yet by far and my current failure rate is 5 to 1, meaning  I get 20% yield with these 1075 beauties,..

OK,.. one of my neighbors said that would be a Witches Knife! WOW thanks for the compliment. I prefer the term Spiritual Blade personally but OK,.. It’s going to be a really nice super thin American Razor Blade Tanto! (Roast Beef Slicer!) IF I can get the warp out, otherwise you can use it for a Witches knife if you want to! Let me know what scales you want OK?

(1) I write this way for some neighbor kids and mom’s sometimes see my other blog for details on that one. If you see an oak tree with boards under it WALK ON THE BOARDS!


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