Photos showing Static Axis of Rotation SAR

This photo shows how the grip angle compared to the blade either sweeps back or sweeps forward. What I call S.A.R. The more forward the sweep the faster the acceleration in the machete swing i.e., the quicker you can get the thing moving. With a wrist flick. These blades all vary between 375 and 750 grams —obviously the lighter ones move quicker.

It depends on what you are trying to cut as to how much SAR you want in a single handled blade.
A machete swing is like a badminton or tennis swing with 3 human hinge points, shoulder, elbow and wrist.
A dynamic blade angle can be measured with photos but what friend of mine and I agreed on after much discussion was there is a static sweeping “rotational” axis of rotation. He did more work on harmonic sweet spots than I did and I do agree with his theory of blade sweet spot harmonic dynamics. I have more on the subject that I will dig up someday. This was all a project to be able to quantify why ethnographic arms and armor studies is an important subject. I do know that John Lundemo has some nice blades like this one: The Silvia Ringare that use almost a burmese dha profile with a sharper kissaki type point, although that tsuka is waay long for me.








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