Tale of two tanto’s post 13

Tale of two tanto’s post 13: Yake Ire blade two, clay oil and the hamon Hardening the second tanto: Love is #1 Clay bit hard into blade in oil quench. there were a few small (a few thou thick) surface “marks” Did not crack. Clay held with the magic dust and original ingredients. Local clay, […]

Tale of two tantos post 6

Apologies for the I love the uphill neighbors gesture in one video. Their houses are above mine and as I am a semi-famous person around here They harass me from above and it goes into the shop fan. When you are on the grinder and someone uses your name it can break your concentration and […]

New Kitchen Knife Design

A new forged 1075 kitchen knife still in polish stage and a quick W1 weeding knife. You can see the sugha hamon at 80 grit before tempering.  Weeding knife is done with wet Rutland 2700 degree furnace cement straight into the forge 10 min soak at temperature, interrupted quench 3 seconds in 3 seconds out then […]

128-12 hitasura hamon

This is a 128-12 with hitasura hamon created with local clay, local river iron and carbonized oak bark for the hardening coating plus other secret ingredients. Steel is AISI 1075, this blade is an art blade but still a very functional piece. This was “interesting” to harden because the extra carbon in the clay came from […]

GTK Small Chef’s Knife

Based on years of use and similar to a foreign line of knives that I like, this is my design of a small chopping kitchen knife. Made of 1075 carbon steel with a rockwell of approximately 48-52 it fit’s in the hand and is a great knife for slicing tomatoes and small dicing tasks. More […]