Tale of two tanto’s post 13

Tale of two tanto’s post 13: Yake Ire blade two, clay oil and the hamon

Hardening the second tanto: Love is #1
Clay bit hard into blade in oil quench. there were a few small (a few thou thick) surface “marks” Did not crack. Clay held with the magic dust and original ingredients.
Local clay, Arizona sandstone, local oak charcoal and iron oxide + Magic Dust. It smelled weird for about 3 or 4 min into the heat. I held as long as possible.
Color on video is subject to auto color, auto contrast. Will check time numbers off of the video later. Off to the oven now that its’ ground clean. Had it hot for a long time afterwards will see later tonight.

Thumbs up, finally got a thin one. edge (ha) is .062″ (1.54 mm)

Metric Dimensions: Spine 3.04 mm distal taper: 3.15 to 2.95 at tip, 1.75 mm to 1.54 mid and 1.35 mm at kissaki start 3.65 mm in tang area.
8 and 3/8 cutting edge 13.25 long
213.5 mm blade length
336.55 mm overall

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