Tracing of a 20″ Dha

The attached photos and drawing is a tracing of a 20″ (19.75 actual) burmese dha.
These are a similar type of general purpose implements to machetes but are usually much lighter in weight. I could go on at length about this subject because I was trying to figure out how to get the maximum rotational speed in the cutting stroke per weight that I could get. Kind of dancing around actually making katana’s but when I saw John Lundemo’s  super cutter in a gallery somewhere I knew which path I wanted to take, but I needed to try and get a grasp of some basic concepts first before I could even begin to produce something that had real efficiency. So in the spirit of the Late Great Bob Engnath I figured I would post some pattern work for people to look at and maybe use. Here is a light short dha please click for full size imageturtle_dha-20-sm

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