Various Collins Machetes

See attached

In order from bottom to top are:
Collins 128 Guatemala
Collins 128 USA circa 1940’s
Collins 128 with concealed tang circa 1920-1930
Collins MKII lightweight guatemala circa 1965 one of the last originals
Collins USN MKII 1945 stamp
Collins MKII could be WWII but it is a Colombian blade, has period sheath.
Collins USN MKI 1944
Collins USN MKI 194?
Collins 623 circa 1920-1930
Bizen Wakizashi
GTK Mini 623
GTK Corn knife, the first knife I really ever made,.. made for a very special person
Collins 128 Guatemala with a blanchard ground blade
Collins 460 Mexican Wavy Blade


If you would like to see closeups of the blades please leave a comment.



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  1. At a recent Garage Sale, I picked up a Collins Machete, with these markings…
    “Collins and Co.”
    “No 23”
    Plus, a design that looks like a shooting star. It is very old, and the handle is about shot, but the blade looks in good shape, no nicks. It is 28 1/2 inches long overall, and the handle is 5 inches of that.
    I have not been able to find anything exactly like it, but the No. 623 looks the closest. Thank you!

  2. A friend has come across a Collins and sons machete that he believes to be from the 30’s or 40’s. He states it is slightly longer than ones found today. He says it has an ivory or bone handle. He is in his late 70’s and doesn’t use the internet. How can he find the value of this machete, what info is needed?

    • I just saw this comment and if you would like more information perhaps you could post a picture?

  3. I’ve got two.. & one is definitely a 460, it is pressed into the blade. The other has part of a label, but I’m not exactly sure which it is…

    • The hot stamped 460’s are pretty cool,..
      If you want to post a picture I can probably help you out with identifying it.

  4. Did Legitimus Collins make a short bladed knife? I recently purchased a knife stamped US Legitimus Collins & CO 1942 but the blade is only about 8 inches long. It doesn’t appear to be a cut down machete. I would appreciate any information you could pass on.

    • If it is stamped 1942 yes Collins made various knives for the military in WWII
      If you would like to send a picture I can probably tell you more about it!

  5. I have a legitimus collins&co. No. 870 but cannot seem to find any information on them what could anyone tell me

  6. I’m a bit confused on the recent history of Collins machetes, and I’d love to hear from an expert. From what I’ve seen on the web, Collins closed in 1966, and if so all machetes marked Collins Legitimus with the correct decal and stamp must date to 1966 or before. But I’ve had and used Collins machetes around the house and in the field all my adult life (I’m an archaeologist). I bought a brand new one with a sheath in Yucatan in 1975, and still have it. You can still buy brand new ones, complete with the black Collins decal, marked with the correct logo over Collins & Co, Made in USA, No. 1068 stamped on them, from a couple of army surplus stores on-line. I know there have been numerous imitations, and “Collins type” machetes made by other companies, but the new ones I’m talking about look real, including the first one I ever bought. Is there a post-1966 part of the story?

    • Hi Jim:
      The post 1965-1966 story is a bit confusing to say the least.
      There were several plants in Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia that produced them for the S.A. market and they continued to manufacture them for a time.
      I will need to look at my notes and can send an email with that detail.

      • I have a legitmus Collins& Co. Machete marked No.127 , I have not been able to find any info on it such as the value. It is in pretty good condition. This site doesn’t give me the option of attaching a photo. If anyone can shed a little light on this please email me at adress supplied or text 641-481-6437

        • Hi mine has the number 127 and a word handle with what looks like wire metal around it. Did u find out about yours?

      • I am a retired archaeologist. I well remember that while traveling in the Maya country of Yucatán in the early 1970s, my colleagues and I bought brand new Collins machetes at a low price, stamped with the Collins crown and hammer logo and LEGITIMUS, COLLINS & CO. Yucatecan leatherworkers were (still are) expert in making cowhide sheaths for these. I still have one from that period of my career.
        But, it is well known that Collins of Hartford, Connecticut closed its doors in 1966. So, what are these post-1966 Mexican Collins machetes? Compared side-by-side to a genuine Hartford Collins machete of a similar pattern, there is a world of difference. The Mexican specimens are far lighter. The steel is entirely distinct, thinner and stainless, although still tapering in thickness from handle to tip, unlike similar Latin American machete blades that do not taper. Handles are cheap plastic, poorly finished with steel pins, although they have held up pretty well in 50 years of use! The black paper label (long gone on my personal example) was very similar to one from the Hartford maker, except that it was identified as coming from Herramientas Collins, S.A. (Spanish for Collins Toolworks, Inc.), identifying the country of origin as Mexico.
        Because there seems to be much misinformation about these and similar post-1966 “Collins” machetes, I would like to see some sort of written history, together with ways for the collector or Collins enthusiast to identify them. Unfortunately, I see these for sale on Ebay passed off as much earlier Collins machetes from the original company, some even misidentified as being World War II vintage! I can’t find any such history or points of guidance, but I have gathered the following facts.
        Due to the huge demand for machetes in Latin America, the original Collins Co. operated four subsidiary machete-manufacturing companies prior to its closing in 1966, in Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia, and Brazil. When the company dissolved in 1966, the Stanley tool works of New Britain, Connecticut purchased these four subsidiaries, which continued to make “Collins” machetes using the same trademark and labels, through the 1970s and probably beyond. These Stanley-owned Herramientas Collins S.A. machetes are what my friends and I were able to buy new. They were made in great numbers and cheaply, in all four countries. The United States military needed machetes for the war in Vietnam, and I have found a reference to a 1972 U.S. Government bid for 59,000 machetes from Herramientas Collins, S.A., for $1.20 apiece. The 20 cents was an import tariff, so they were actually sold for one dollar apiece.
        Looking just at what has appeared on-line recently for sale regarding these post-1966 Collins blades, there is some variation in the logo stamping, while some are not stamped but acid-etched. There is also some variation in the rectangular paper labels on the side opposite the stamp. I can’t tell if there was actually any change brought about when Stanley purchased the Latin American factories. And I can’t tell if there was any standardization among the four Latin American factories. Somebody needs to do the research and produce a guide, so folks can understand what they have.
        In the meantime, of course, you can still buy a new “Collins” machete from Nicholson, which is yet another complication that has absolutely nothing to do with the original Collins company. Or a Brazilian Tramontina machete, which is a copy of a Collins pattern. Any comments or corrections are welcome.

        • Podes me passar algum contato seu para tirar algumas dúvidas?? Sou colecionador, mas tenho algumas dúvidas sobre os collins.

          Can you give me some contact with you to clear up any doubts ?? I’m a collector, but I have some doubts about collins.

      • Luchador Made in USA No.191 that’s All it says on the blade it kind a looks like a machete that’s been cut down I’m not sure any help would be much appreciated

  7. Hi,
    I recently acquired a collection of blades. In that collection there was a machete stamped Legitimus Collins & Co. No. T91. I am trying to find out the time period of the piece. Is there any way you can help?
    Thank You,

    • Probably No.191 Rare 20.5 in blade WWII Dont sell it cheap $500 to $1000 !

  8. I have a machete stamped with No.23 just above the bone handle(?). I can also make out Hartford.
    on the other side of the blade is stamped B.G.I.CO. also painted on the blade is

    Used In Spanish-Am-War Captured Philippine Islands
    1898 1899

    I was wondering about a possible manufacturing date and approximate value.

  9. I recently came in contact with a Collins & Company with Guatemalan leather case machete definitely older how do I find out the value and which one it is

  10. Hello. I recently rediscovered the machete i purchased in Yucatan 36 years ago. It is engraved Legitimus Collins & Co and has a leather case. I bought it when I was 10 and wanted to be and explorer. Might you know anything about it? Don’t know how to attach pictures on here. It sounds similar to the one mentioned by Jim Knight in August of 2016.

  11. I Just bought a machette with 22 inch blade. .I was wondering , how can I be sure its a real one..or just a repro ? ?

  12. I found a Collins machete in the woods and it looks just like the ones in the picture. Just above the handle it say “made in Columbia” can you tell me more about this knife and what kind of Collins it is.

  13. Found a No.460 machete in an old garage cabinet, overall length is 29″, the handle is 5″,and the blade is 24″. Also it has sheath made of leather with R C Monday it

  14. I have a collins & Co legitimus machete with a metal and wood handle and the no127 on the blade. How old is this?

  15. I have an old Collins & Co Garantizada, I think Legitimus. Markings are worn. But it’s it’s a wood and wire wrapped handle, with the original sheath. Not interested in selling. It was my grandfather’s, then my dad’s and now it’s mine. I’d just like to know more about it.

  16. I have a pair of Collins machetes – 20″ blade, 5″ handle, the blade runs up the middle of the handle, held by 4 metal posts. I cannot tell what the handle material is (wood or bone); one is more poorly aged but they are the same. Both have “No. 23” stamped, and on one I can make out “Collins & Co.” They have been in my family forever and I always thought they were a gift to my great-grandparents – he had an import business in Boston in the early 1900’s. Would love to know more about them!

  17. I just picked up one of these machetes but the stamp is kind of hard to read. I want to try to post a photo of it if i can.

    • I am looking for a Collins #502 , hollow handle machete ,, will pay top dollar Jim Spear

  18. This machete looks just like a model #128 with 4 rivets straight down the handle. It came with a Collins Co. Legitimus 13 leather sheath. It has the semi worn black logo sticker on one side but the stamp on the other is halfway misprinted in a light laser etching kind of way, not deeply engraved looking like the others. I can barely make out half of the words “legitimus collins made in usa” but not the date or model. I really want to upload a photo but I don’t know if I can do it correctly with my phone. If anyone has any suggestions or information about this I would really really appreciate it. Thanks guys!

  19. I use Henry’s book to research many of the more common types. I am in need of any information on the all steel , hollow handle machetes ,,, these are used with a wooden pole extension . The #502 is one of several with different length blades. HELP if possible , many tanks , Jim

  20. I recently picked up a Collins machete, looks very old and has 5 pins in the wooden handle. Its marked No.22, total length is 39″ from end to end. I’m looking to see how old it is. Thanks any help is appreciated.

  21. Just bought a Legitimate,Collins & Co,US machete,no other markings. Mint shape with black resin handle and nib on the end. Can it be legit. Are they reproducing.

  22. I have a legitimus Collins &co Caliad Grantizada #127, got it at garage sale.
    was wondering what it was worth. Has a stamp of a arm sticking out of something I’m not sure what.
    It looks like its holding a golf club of all things.

  23. I have a hollow handle, mint, paper lable intack ,20″ curved hook blade, #20 .
    I grew up in Collinsville my family emigrated from poland late 1800’s to work in the Collins factory.

    • Thomas,,, finally a ray of hope ,,, attached is a photo of my hollow handle #502,,, I hope your Collins is similar. Jim 251 979 3376Jim Spear

  24. Mine is marked no 28. It looks like the 6th one down from top in the pic you posted. Any idea age or value? What it was used for? During war? By whom?

  25. I found a Legitimus Collins machete in Okinawa Japan. It has the crown and arm w/ hammer logo with “Legitimus Collins & Co” below and “US” stamped under the “Collins & Co”. There is no date or Model No. Any info is appreciated.

  26. I have a Collins machete no 278 with a moderately decorated sheath would you happen to have any info on it

  27. I found a legitimus Collins 871 but I think it’s been cut way down it’s like 18 in

  28. I’ve never experienced a more elusive quest,,probably thousands made and distributed,, not any to be found? !! Wat da Hay?? a quick glance through Henry’s book shows many hollow and socket handle machetes and tools , for instance #39 thru #51 etc. and as high as #842 & #1093 . As my old Indian friend used to say, ‘ Wat da hay!!”. quite a quest I guess,,, da hay I say, which way did dey go?, which way did dey go? … Jim 251-979-3376

  29. Recently purchased a Collins & Co machete stamped with the crown and hammer, made in U.S.A. No 1038. Not sure if handle is original. It is blonde wood with 3 copper rivets with washers about the size of a nickel on each side inside rivet. Any info would be appreciated.

  30. I got Collin&co Hartford machete with either an ivory or bone handle or plastic its white ,just trying to find out more info on this ,thanks thomas

  31. I recently purchased a Collins Legitimus #37 machete, with a blade that measures 18″. It still retains most of the original sticker/decal and, overall, is in pretty good shape. The sheath appears to be a hard plastic type material with an embossed Army Air Force logo. I have several Collins machetes but this is the first I found with an AAF logo on the scabbard. Everything appears to be original. My problem is that I can find no information on an AAF Collins machete with the AAF logo on the sheath. I can only find mention of a folding sheath AAF model. Do you have any other information.

  32. What does the S.A. stand for on the Herramientas Collins 1966 Viet Nammachete

      • gtk is correct. Herramientas is Spanish for “tools.” The S.A. on Collins machetes stands for Sociedad Autonoma in Spanish, which means Autonomous Society and is equivalent to saying “Incorporated” in English. It refers to one of the Latin American factories.

  33. I have a collins machete no.23…23 in blade 5 3/4 in wooden handle. Could you help me find out how much its worth???

  34. Hello, I found a Collins & Co. machete. I believe it was my dads. I would like some info on it if possible.. what’s its origins, is it worth anything, should I restore it, history etc. thank you!

  35. How much for the Collins 623 circa 1920-1930? Also please send close up if still available.

    • Hello,
      In 1968 I bought a COLLINS machete in Central America (I don’t remember in which country). The blade length is 60 cm, the overall length is 77 cm. The maximal width is 6 cm. Never used, perfect state. Markings on a sticker on the blade are :Collins & CO.Hartford. Producto Centroamericano MI Reg N° 741 Bajo Licencia Hecho en Guatemala Herramientas Collins SA. Also a Legitimus sign representing a crown, a forearm and fist and a hammer. On the other side of the blade “Legitimus Collins and C°” and the “crown and hammer” sign is engraved.
      The machete fits into a decorated leather case.
      What is the value of this object, do you have other valuable comments ?

  36. Have a machate, the blade is 22 inches. The ingraving on the handle has a picture of a crown, it looks like there might be somethings n abouvevtge Crown but can’t tell what it is. Under the crown it says Legitmus Collins and Co No 127. It has a leather case. What can you tell me about this machete.

  37. I saved 2 old machates from being tossed. I have spent some time cleaning them up and the one has a wooden handle, and stamped at bottom of blade is a picture then says, legitimus Collins & Co made in USA No 30. It looks to be in good shape for the age. The second one is longer with a black plastic handle, but has the same age look with pits tho. But says made in China on plastic. I’m trying to get some info on these, like when was they made, and so on. If anyone can help me out that would be great. I got some pics. Thanx

  38. I will like to know if those products are still in the markets I don’t see them any more is to bad good things don’t last for ever. I wish they coming back again.

  39. I have a Collins #329 I can’t find it’s equal on anything about the bladeif someone can help me with this that would be much appreciated it’s definitely from Hartford Connecticut I don’t know what year I know it’s machete type or meat cleaver I’m not sure interested in what I have here if anybody can help

  40. I recently acquired this Herramientas Collins S.A. Machete. It’s 23″ overall, 18″ blade, 5″ black plastic handle and no other markings. any info about it would be very helpful

  41. I have a Legitimus Collins & Co. 18″ Machete. Made in USA No. 37 with a canvas sheath. The sheath has USA and HOTZE stamped on it along with a date that I cannot read. Could you tell me when this was made?

  42. I recently acquired a sword with the stamp of a centaur on it, and with the “No. 87” stamped in at the base of the blade. I think it may be made by Collins and Company, but I can’t find the centaur trademark anywhere. The sword I have looks very much like the sword at the top of your group of swords in the picture above. Any help would be appreciated. The sword has a leather scabbard.

  43. I recently bought a 29″ machete marked Legitimus Collins #623. It is in excellent condition with a wood sheath. What can you tell me about it and what it might be worth to sell on ebay?

  44. I have a ca 1960s collins Hartord usa no 1131 short machette in excellent conditionleft side has trademark arm holding hammer attop crown made in usa and model #1131 and label on other side. any collector value?

  45. Hello I recently obtained a legitimus Collins and co made in the USA no 323 which is stamped infront of the plastic? Scales with 3 pins to secure it to the full tang. The tip is what I would call a drop point and the blade is 18 inches and overall length is 22.5 inch. Is there a way to date this and or find more specific information about said machete? Any info would be greatly appreciated thank you

  46. Hi , anyone know what kind of machete this is? Anyone interested in buying please let me

  47. I wss given a Collins 29″ machete #460 with the sheath.

    How can i find out more about it?

    460 is hot pressed.
    Label is still in place on the blade.

  48. Mabe someone can tell me about my machit, when my grandfather died in the 70’s everyone in the family got something, I got his head buzzer and shoe shine kit and a collins & co. Machit, I am curious how old the machit is because my grandfather came to America to fight with Americans in ww1, I know machit were given out to soldiers and wondered if this could be one. The blade has no stamp, but the sleeve is marked as follow, collins & co. Below that the arm & hatchet in a crown, below that a word, legitimise, and below that [13], thank u to anyone how can assist me.

  49. I have a ch 460 bulls head Campos hermanos machete need to know what it’s worth and how much to sell or trade so I don’t get burned some help would be nice thx

  50. Hello,
    I have a C & H machete my grandfather gave me back in the late 60s . 24 inch blade, tortoise shell handle. Marks as follows:
    Arm and Hammer logo. Legitimus. Collins and Hartford. Acero Fino, Calidad, NO. 41. With leather sheath.
    What can you tell me about its vintage and place of manufacture?
    Thank you!

  51. I have a Legitimus Collins No 164 that was given to me in Massachusetts in 1958 by an American man who lived in Cali Columbia and supervised the manufacture of these machetes. Mine is a stainless steel with a blade that is not fully sharpened, because it was intended to be decorative. It has a decorative leather sheath as well. Any idea as to value?

  52. I have a Collins & Co. Legitimus Made in US No. 864, came from parents massive pile of stuff. I can’t find any information on No. 864 machete’s , looking for value.

  53. Hello,
    Do you help identify machetes? I have one with markings that are hard to read. Just trying to figure out where it is from. Thank you

  54. Olá!
    Tenho um machete Collins & Co Hartford Legitimus No 128 que encontrei na cave da antiga casa dos meus avós, quando a estava a limpar para depois ser vendida. Tenho a certeza que o machete já lá estava há muitas décadas esquecido, pois eu próprio frequentei a casa com muita regularidade durante uns bons 40 anos e nunca o tinha visto nem ouvido falar dele…
    Será que me conseguem ajudar na correta identificação do machete e se tem algum valor?
    Tem como particularidade um cabo parcialmente envolvido com uma espécie de cordão amarelado/dourado e a ponta do cabo diferente de todos os outos machetes que tenho visto (incluindo os que estão na foto inicial deste tópico).
    Posso enviar uma fotos caso me forneçam um email para onde enviar.
    Antecipadamente obrigado!

  55. Hello,
    I have a Collins & Co Legitimus machete No 183. 18.5″ blade, 23.5″ overall length. I have not been able to find any information about the No 183. Given the engraving “Acero Fino Calidad” -finest steel guaranteed. I suspect it may have been made for the South American market for fruit harvesting.
    Does anyone have any information on the No 183, when it was made?
    Thank you in advance.

  56. I have a blade stamped “Herpamientas Collins S.A.” that looks identical to the fourth in your list, ‘Collins MKII lightweight guatemala circa 1965’. Cant for the life of me remember how i came to aquire it, i think it may have been left at my house by family or a friend one day? I use it frequently and it is my favorite blade.

  57. my father bought a machete many years ago from a lady whose husband died and he supposedly bought it in panama No. 623 and the handle looks like its made of bone and its got a leather sheath with 3 braids hanging off it

  58. Trying to identify machete. Close in design to #128 but blade is tapered more like a sword/saber than a machete . 24 3/4 total length. Plastic handle – only markings are legitimus and Collins & Co and crown and hammer logo. Any thoughts?

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